Alexandra "Austin" Muirhead (outofthedark) wrote in packtheisland,
Alexandra "Austin" Muirhead

Submission Call for NEW zine

Hey everyone

I'm looking for a submissions for a per/comp zine.

totalcontrast is based on the idea that every issue is hand made and completely orignal, no copies will be made of this zine, each issue will be completely original from every other issue.

I need...
yummy recipes
Random Fandom... I'm sure you guys hae someone
Photography (via snail mail, prints only)
Poetry (via e-mail or snail mail, any format)
Short (or Long) Stories (via snail mail or e-mail)
Love Letters (via snail mail or e-mail)
Hate Letters (via snail mail or e-mail)
Drawings, paintings, other art of any kind (via snail mail only)
random newspaper or magzine clipings or random-ness
band bios & photos (via snail mail, also a demo cd and link to website or myspace would be cool too.)

Anything else you can think of would be awesome!

My address is in the community info as is my e-mail, please comment with any questions.

*Pre-orders of this zine are available*

x-posted everywhere o~o sorry
If you don't want this here, as a mod, I will delete it just say the good word.
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