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Hopefully getting the community moving again :P

It's coming to yet another summer of good camping, packing, and trail blazing.

Anyone planning anything spectacular for their first adventure this summer?

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I believe my fiance and I are going to Banff for about a week this summer.....
Well, my group of uber-hikers was knocking around the idea of Juan de Fuca, or even WCT again (hiked it in '93), but cash flow is a problem for a bunch of us. Looks like Puskaskwa, 'cause it's in-Province.... but I don't think I'm allowed to discuss off-island hikes in this forum.... :)
Go for it :P
this community is unlivley enough that i say, anything goes :P
Ha! Well then... I think our group's "big hike" has fallen through this summer. Pukaskwa would be nice but we can't seem to get it together. In it's place are a few long weekend trips we've got in the works. Probably canoeing in Frontenac Park, Algonquin Park, maybe a backpacking trip through Frontenac too.

How about you? Plans?
Forgot to mention - my g/f and my cousins are planning West Coast trail again NEXT summer. Needless to say I am already looking forward to it...