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Hi there fellow hikers

My grandma lives in Ladysmith, so any hiking I've done is around there. I took my boyfriend up to Heart Lake this summer for an overnight trip. Dude was scared by the ANTS. Anyway, I usually day hike around Holland Creek, though this summer I also went to the Folk Fest in Duncan and went up the big mountain there, Tzolhan something or other. There's a big metal cross at the top.

I don't know where the pics are, I'll post to them later.
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and welcome to the community :)
great to be here. I'm trying to convince my bf to do more camping with me. My dad's "too old for this shit." Old Fart Inc, (TM) - He's pushing 57, though he used to go up to Heart Lake with me a fair bit.

My bf's South African. It's interesting watch him try to understand the different wildlife/man dynamic in North America. In South Africa basically you have to watch out for a ton of small, deadly creatures. Spiders, ants, scorpions, etc. The plan is to watch where you step, never go in barefeet, and kock out your shoes in the morning before you put them on. In North America you have a very small number of very large preditors: bears, wolves, cyote, wolverines, etc. and the plan is either to learn to out run them, or play dead, or climb a tree.

Big things make more strange noises than little things. On the over night trek to Heart Lake, he kept getting spooked by the various creatures creating noise on the heat-wave-fire-hazard dry leaves and brush outside. He kept making me blow my whistle to scare them off.

In the morning he figured out what the one sound was that had been driving him nuts all night. It was the sound an ant makes crawling over the trap part of our tent. My bf is scared of ants. Nice.
Are you thinking of Mount Prevost? I think that's the only mountain around Duncan with a big metal cross at the top. You can drive almost up to the top and then there are boulders to stop you from driving the last bit and then there is a trek straight up (and I mean straight up) to the top? If it is Prevost, that is an awesome view of the whole Cowichan Valley. Well worth the climb.
Its accually not Mt prevost that has the cross its mount tzuhalem ... this is spelt wrong but u get the idea, and yes it is a nice view of the valley
that was my problem to. I know it starts with a "t" ends with an "m" and they throw in a random "z" for kicks, but how to actually spell it, I dunno.

Also, from my experiance there's no driving. There's just a maze of paths all the way up.

I did the hike in sandles. That turned out to be a bad idea.

Great hike and veiw thought.

Like I said I was at the Duncan Folk Fest, at Providence Farm, I go every year and you can almost hear the music all the way up. The festival even has one of the stages named T...z...m. Because of the big friggin' hill behind it.
Oh yeah, it's been many years since I was up there. What's at the top of My Prevost, then? I can see it from the highway.